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Alright, I found this while I was cleaning up my closet ((8) I said I’m sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry but tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet (8))
anyways this quiz was given to my English class in gr9 as a "just for fun" activity day (a day when most people are gone to class trip and they’re people who didn’t want to go = "just for fun" activity day) once again, I’ll copy directly from the papers lol (oh and I won’t be able to see or know your scores so don’t worry…you may use your head to do all of this, but I recommend having a pen/pencil and half sheet of paper to record score on)
Rate the statements that apply to you in each intelligence category. Most people will have a bit of each intelligence in themselves, but some areas will be stronger than other areas. Just be honest as possible.
0 – Uncertain
1 – Doesn’t fit my personality
2 – Slightly fits my personality
3 – Often fits my personality
4 – Strongly fits my personality

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

_ I love talking on the phone.
_ I often create stories in my head and enjoy writing them down for others to read
_ I would rather spend my spare time reading than watching television
_ I like talking in front of the class and look forward to doing speeches each year
_ I am often told that I express my ideas and thoughts quite effectively
_ I feel that I am sensitive to the impact of what I say to other people
_ I like to complete crossword puzzles and other word games
_ I like to go to the library and/or to the bookstore to get new books
_ I can hear words in my head before I read, speak or write them down
_ I get more out of listening to someone read/radio than television/movies
_ My favorite subjects in school are English, history and geography
_ Whenever I see a sign/billboard, I have to take the time to read it

__ (total number)

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

_ I am very good at identifying patterns and look forward to doing Algebra each year
_ Problem solving has always been an easy task for me
_ I can remember formulas and strategies without any difficulty
_ I love to identify, create, and sort things into categories
_ I can easily compete numbers in my head
_ Math and/or science are my 2 favorite subjects in school
_ I enjoy brainteaser and games that require logical thinking
_ My mind is constantly searching for patterns/local sequences to things
_ I believe that everything has a rational explanation
_ ideas organized onto chart/graph are easier for me to follow
_ I often find logical flaws in what other people say and do
_ Clue and monopoly are my 2 favorite board games

__ (total number)

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

_ I often find myself doodling during class/on the phone
_ I learn better in math class when we use manipulative
_ I love to draw, paint, and/or work with clay during my spare time
_ reading maps has always been easy for me
_ I seldom get lost because I have a good sense of direction
_ I like to pretend to be somewhere else, and/or someone else when I’m bored
_ When I read, I clearly see the story happening in my head
_ I’m sensitive to colors
_ I like to take pictures and/or use a camcorder to record events
_ I have vivid dreams at night
_ Geometry is easier for me than other strands in math
_ I prefer to read books that have a lot of illustrations

__ (total number)

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

_ I find it difficult to sit still for even short periods of time
_ I prefer to do activities in class that allow me to get out of my seat
_ People say I like to speak with my hands
_ Physical education and/or drama are my favorite. subjects
_ I’m good at most sports
_ I enjoy daredevil amusement rides and other such experiences
_ I like to use tools to make things
_ I’m always curious about how things work and sometimes take things apart to find out
_ I prefer to show someone how to do something rather than explain it verbally
_ My best ideas come to me when I’m engaged in some kind of physical activity
_ I like to spend my free time outdoors
_ I learn best by doing it rather than reading about it

__ (total number)

Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence

_ I often hum to myself while I’m walking/working
_ My life would be less happy without music
_ While I’m working, I often tap my pen/pencil and/or my foot/finger
_ I often have a television jingle or other tune running through my mind
_ I like to make up songs/tunes
_ When I do homework, I need to listen to music to focus better
_ My favorite subject is music
_ I do music lessons outside of school and enjoy it
_ I know the tunes to many different songs
_ I have a pleasant singing voice and like to sing
_ I can tell when a musical note is off-key
_ I frequently listen to music during my free time

__ (total number

Interpersonal Intelligence

_ I love to discuss anything and everything with other people
_ I have been told that I’m a good listener and I can communicate my thoughts well
_ I can easily tell what mood people are in and respond well to their needs
_ I consider myself to be a leader rather than a follower, when I’m with my friends
_ My friends often come to me for advice
_ I prefer to play sports that need a group of people
_ I have at least 3 close friends
_ I feel comfortable in the midst of the crowd
_ I enjoy being involved in social activities with my friends
_ I would rather spend my spare time with my friends than alone
_ I prefer to do co-operative projects and activities in class
_ I enjoy the challenge of teaching other things that I already know how to do

__ (total number)

Intrapersonal Intelligence

_ I’m often told that I’m a quiet and/or shy person
_ I have a lot of questions about anything and everything; I’m curious
_ I know my strengths and weaknesses
_ I enjoy activities in school which enable me to reflect on my learning experiences
_ I have no problems expressing my feelings or opinion, verbally/writing
_ Generally speaking, it is no importance what others think of me
_ I like to spend my spare time alone, thinking about life
_ I have already set some important goals for my life, which I think about on a regular basis
_ I keep a personal journal/diary, in which I record daily events and my thoughts
_ Some people say that I’m strong-willed and very independent
_ I know what I want and strive to achieve it in my own way
_ When I have personal problems, I prefer to figure out how to solve it on my own

__ (total number)

Now add all the total numbers for an overall number, then you divide each of those total numbers to the overall number (you should know what % each intelligence is after dividing. if not, just move the decimal place 2 times to the right)