Hmmm, more helping out around the house, fixing walls by adding concrete stuff, was gonna start painting but than didn’t cause it would mean that I would have to sleep somewhere else and not my room (cause of carbon monoxide within paint)

Just awhile ago, just before I showered, I heard of some stuff and it struck my head and made me remember my own words

I asked ‘her’ “how much do u like him?”

Then remembering the next thing was me leaving the place to walk home alone @ night, drenching myself, wondering, thinking yet not wanting to think, with the pain deep inside, not saying a single word
then after a while walking, I was suddenly really happy, from the bottom of my heart, wishing & hoping that she wouldn’t regret what she said, hoping and being happy for her…even since then, we barely ever talked in real life, hardly messaged each other hardly even meeting up with each other.

Really, I’m happy…really