over the past week I’ve downloaded & watched all seasons of “The O.C”

throughout this show, to my surprise, I actually found myself crying (yes I’m serious, actual tears & sniffing) during season 2-4 (4 is the last season)
but to be quite truthful, over the past yrs I’ve been finding a way to literally make myself cry (ONIONS DON’T COUNT)

therefore I’ve been crying for basically 3 days straight without my whole family finding out, pretty interesting huh?
anyways, crying was actually what I wanted to do…I tried lots of ways to cry..even in the rain, but only a few times during the rain, but watching this show honestly has helped me release / let go of a lot of things….believe me, deep down inside as we speak (well, actually type & read) I honestly feel A LOT lighter somehow

I’ve pretty much stayed up till 3-4 am watching this show..well, I just finished the last episode like 20 secs ago and I still have tears in my eyes Crying
as of MapleStory, I’m actually deciding on quitting believe it or not, it’s really hard to get rid of an addiction…really it is….but I’m trying really hard (uninstalling doesn’t do anything) since for me, if I start something I have to finish it..or try to get as close as I can to the goal or w/e I have in my mind

this is really and truly the very 1st show that I’ll never forget and will stay close in my heart
(note: in-between I also watched the latest episode of Naruto while watching this show, that also set the sad mood)