I haven’t written a blog in so long lol
been busy working on my 1st goal, which is about to get cut because of my brother (the usual cut internet, find job/school, just like parents, but not getting net -.-)
well, I’ve actually been doing not so bad in terms of reaching my 1st goal

anyways, I’ve actually bought NX Game Cards
At first I stood in Future Shop, I was even feeling guilty about going there and even asking where they were deciding if I should buy it or not
guiltily I bought 2 cards, not letting anyone in the family know about it

but now I actually don’t regret what I did, since all I’m doing, is following my heart and my own path

my brother asked me once “why are you so happy?” I smiled and said “nothing”, but that was cause after all those days I spent crying from watching “The O.C” which I downloaded to watch all 4 seasons…now to think of it, that smile was actually from the heart =)

well, if my net does get cut starting January, guess I’ll start wiring blogs every now and then from the "Windows Live Writer" and just post them online whenever I get the chance to =), maybe even save em on my small USB travel drive =)

well besides all this lol, on MapleStory I am now Level 87..and this is the 9th month on this new account, not bad compared to my old account, which took two damn long yrs for level 103 lol

well, until next time =)