the past week (literally 7 days) has been quite normal day @ home, playing MapleStory (yeah, still, I know it’s sad but it’s me -.-)
last Friday, me & jase went to grandparents house for dinner with a few of my cousins
then sometime I think…last Tuesday? or something? I dun remember when lol

but, I do remember having some dream….and I didn’t even realize it was a dream..cause..it was so…….real…o.O, I can pinch myself normal, hear normally, see normally, feel normally, everything was like, pretty normal

but anyways, yeah..this dream was so real, I saw a few of my real life classmates and it was sometime in the future, I don’t remember what I saw, but I think it was in the year 2010+, but anyways, I was driving, I had a job and I think I went to college? I’m not sure o.O, but anyways, I don’t remember anything about having MapleStory on my mind while I having this real-life-like-dream, uh…what else can I remember..let’s see….ahhh…..mmm….uuuhhh, oh, my brother jase was married, I don’t remember any details on that…uh yeah…that’s all I could remember o.O
yesterday I was @ grandparents house again, this time, with the POWER OF TEAMWORK, WE DIVIDE AND CONQUERED (well, not exactly lol) the master of apartment cleaning! me, bro, and 4 cousins helped cleaning, from scrubbing walls to cleaning kitchen to bedroom, man was it tiring lol

but I find it interesting…a few days off something can get you less addicted lol, I’m actually less addicted to maple now..surprisingly, but that won’t stay for long till I reach my goal lol, I remember in school some random guest speaker came in and talk to the whole class o something, and I was half awake lol, and I only heard the part when he said "a person understands themselves more than anyone else, not even your parents know you better and that I actually believe, and I also know that others have experienced this too and I’m not the only one

well, 2 days till x-mas and tomorrow I’m going to my cousin Alex’s house to celebrate and just like that, another day off maple, and then sometimes around new yr, I believe all my cousin’s are coming to my house instead of Alex’s house lol, it’s always one of our houses for celebrations, but ti’s all good, seeing cousins and going out is honestly better than staying home playing a game, takes it off the mind =p

lol, today I kinda got mad cause I mass lagged out of maple in the morning and then just awhile ago, my router kept resetting on its own lmao, making me fully dc out of everything lol, but that’s fine lol, my 2x card expires on the 27th and seems like no one wants to help me train, well, not during my 2x AND on 2x event time anyways >_> stupid people, I should just delete them all LOL, well, except a few, that I know have helped me a lot

but anyways, this is good for today’s thoughts lol, I’m singing as usual, in a good mood ^_^
until next time, laters~