well, firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed

a new year marks a new journey or new journeys, new goals or continuation of old goals to lead into the new goal that you’ve set for yourself Wink

like me, I set my goals long ago but the first goal as you can see, is still in progress due to delays and such

HOPEFULLY I can finish my Goal #1 shown above in light green or w/e you call that color lol before April 21, 2008 (yes, before my birthday, that will mark the real new "change") lol

if I don’t reach this goal by then (which I bet 85% SURE I won’t reach this goal from all my lag experience from my bro downloading >_>, see, I’ve been playing for 2 years, and it took pretty much 17 months for my first game character to hit level 103 in MapleStory, whereas, when my bro HASN’T downloaded much, I got from level 1 – 92 in SEVEN months, that’s pretty much twice as fast as my first one.) I’ll force myself to stop (yes I’m serious about this Baring teeth 😉

BUT that doesn’t mean it’ll stop me from thinking about the game from time to time…see…this is what I hate about myself lol, if I need to get rid the game off my mind completely, I’d need to reach my goal (such as Final Fantasy 7, 9, Chrono Trigger, Breathe of Fire 4 on PlayStation and the all popular RuneScape the online MMORPG 2D & 3D game)

I find it interesting, a lot of ppl find it surprising that me, a 19 yr old doesn’t have permit for driving, don’t like cars, don’t like sports and all that lol..it’s like “you’re not like most kids, I know for fact boys particularly want their permits and driver’s license at 16, but you don’t”

well this is me lol, it’s not that I’m lazy (well, depends sometimes Wink ) it’s just, I find that not a lot of things interest me….only thing I know at this very moment is I still like music, although not playing an instrument, its words in music and the “beats” are what I like about em, I’ve watched all 3 seasons of “So You Think You Can Dance” and seen the old one called “Dance Fever” which was a show that used that very same stage set of “So You Think You Can Dance” that’s been aired, either that or I remembered wrong Tongue out

well, I guess that’s all I have to say today =p
take care~