well, looks like this will never work out (it might have, if my brother never downloaded/seeded in the first place)

looks like im going to be forced to stop playing maplestory soon, so i probably wont make it to 120 anytime soon

im being forced to find 5+ workplaces in the next 5 days by my brother, gg much? >_<

oh well, nothings gonna change really even if am i stopped

i understand myself better than anyone else, im still going to be writing MapleStory stuff at work just like my co-op placement last year

im still going to be writing MapleStory stuff on my tests & exams in school if im being stopped soon

it wont make much of a difference really…even if i dont have my comp or even have internet @ home…i bet i’ll even start downloading the game & playing AT WORK/SCHOOL

the only way i’ll probably forget about it is either i actually get to that point or i somehow get amnesia lol

just like every other game i’ve played before, RuneScape, Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 & Tactics, and even Megaman/Dynasty Warriors