mmm, woke up pretty late today lol, paents had to wake me out cause they were going out & no one would be home, so here i am, home alone…again

i’ve printed out a few resumé’s yesterday, got no clue if it’s enough, is 9 copies enough? O_o (does it? i have no clue, last time i went with my friend on his job
well, anyways, decided to look for a new folder in my closet box of folders
& guess what, 99% of them had written names on them, some cut in half, some cut completely but had date stamps
3 dirty/had wierd marks on them & only 2 clean ones (well 1 clean & 1 clean with a stapler on it) i guess thats all good

maybe i should print more copies of my resumé….mmmmm…i’ll be formal this time lol, gonna feel wierd not having my mp3 with me

guess i’ll head out fora long walk after i do my chores @ 3 pm