i’ve finally finished with MapleStory, achieved Level 120 on May 23rd, 2008, and recently got the "skill" i’ve always wanted lol, Berserk, and now i can play Maple A LOT LESS now that it’s finally off my mind, in fact, i’ve limited myself to playing MapleStory on Monday, Wednesday & Sunday for 1-3 hrs
pretty good compared to EVERYDAY 19 HRS A DAY RIGHT!?

soo right…. *nodds up & down*

been taking daily walks every now and then, today, i walked for about 25 mins only, MP3 player’s battery died on me half way through, so, i tooka shortcut home hehehe Open-mouthed
well, it’s gonna be dinner + TV in 25 mins, so, i think im done with today’s blog ^^