time for a new blog!
seems forever since i last wrote one yeah?
so, it turns out working (actually, still training) at McDonalds i’ve learned quite a bit more about myself

it seems that i’m not as shy anymore (well, i still cant tell yet, not many pretty girls around Wink)

it looks like ive been using 120% effort for a place like this lol
its so beyond me..

the 1st time i’ve been face-to-face with customers, the 1t time learning cashier stuff…
the 1st time running around and making the orders, 1st time listening to orders.etc

man, i dunno if i can keep up with "fast accurate food service" just yet as i’m completely new to it

well, on thanksgiving day, apparently the whole family went to a sushi buffet

(my opinion? only the sushi were good, the rest sucked)
lol apparently i’m allergic to something there..since just before we left the buffet, my arms were filled with mini red itchy dots lmao

so yeah lol, i got an hr left before going to training again

thistime i’m going to try kitchen work..so…i’ma be making burgers lmao