so this is life huh?

within the past 3 weeks, ive been @ McD… be honest…i really dont know if its really for me
i always forget things, i’m slow as they say and i always seem to need help…which is apparently true

to begin with, my legs are killing me right now, i think it’s cause im standing and walking too much (well, no surprise, i dont mind that)
but it builds up as i dont even get time to recover the pain..i work 5days/ thats basically pain x5 -.- on my feet

on top of that, ive been sick within the past 2 days (yesterday and today)…so.i had a sore throat and a fever & i was still working’s hella hard i’ll tell you now…my head kept hurting as i tried to think…i almost went berserk there lol
lucky i didnt
i can understand both my parents (one agreeing to go to work saying you shouldnt let little things like this bother you and one telling me not to go so i dont spread the sickness (which im more concerned about)

now im wondering if i did get anyone sick -.-

i dont wanna cough/sneeze in the middle of making a burger now do i? having that long ass snot on a burger?
lmao, instant fire man LOL

wonder if the managers will inform other McD’s about it lmao
then i’ll never be able to work at any McD stores ever again

well, i guess this is what it feels like huh….life does suck afterall