net is finally back up, and hence posting this right up Tongue out
anyways, i’m not staying on much so, i’ll browse around, then get offline again Hot

Feb 24th, 2009 – well, turns out my triceps started hurting out of nowhere, to think i was fully healed too >.>
been home singing songs, but not rockband ones, i decided to play comp games for awhile to prevent myself from playing drums lol

so yeah, here on my comp, with over 200 songs to sing and learn the lyrics to =D
time for me to enjoy singing~
*sings away~

Feb. 22nd, 2009 – i’m liking singing lol, seems pretty easy, even on medium
so, i decided to try 1 song from hard and expert
the song was "Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs" (i like this song alot lol, dunno why) i’m able to play most of it on expert too, it’s just my foot cant keep up with the constant kick pedal bars
got 97% on hard and 87% on expert
hm, maybe i’m better than i thought? lol i’ll continue the rest of medium tomorrow
and proceed to hard and expert afterwards

and maybe i might get a mic stand (well, maybe, probably wont) to sing and play drums at the same time..who knows?
well, thats enough playing for today
we’ll see how tomorrow goes 😛
i’m off to play comp games i got myself awhile back 😉

Febrary 21st, 2009 – looks like everywhere is recovered, no longer any pain when i stretch and walking for awhile
damn, it took this long to recover 7 hours of solid playing
so, i decided to start other stuff on rockband

tried guitar, didnt like it much lol
so i started singing solo tour since i like to sing alot lol
and i passed easy mode pretty easily, all 30 songs with 90-98% so, i’ll start medium tomorrow

oh, and i FINALLY passed Reptilla on Hard mode drums, holy crap it
was hard, but now, i’m stuck on the right lmao i cant even pass any
other songs..oh, and i also beat 5 expert songs on drums, the 1st 5 of
course lol

well, i’m off to bed, it’s like almost 2 am lol

Febrary 16th, 2009 – it’s been awhile so, i’ll start by saying long time no write stuff
since my net is off until the 25th, i’m using notepad 😛 so, anyhow,
today i started off playing an hour of DDR….havent played that ina
hella long time, figured i’d try playing again so i noticed that my leg
foot ankle got tired yet my right was completely normal…decided to
try playing rockband kick pedal on my left foot so, get ready for more
pain 😉
i played 7 hours of rockband on drums


and well, with everywhere killing me, i might as well go to bed early