it’s been awhile, and Rock Band is progressing pretty well
Rock Band Record
it’s not complete yet, need to do vocal table….i’ll finish it sometime
on Apirl the 14th, it will be my 3rd month having Rock Band…all i need is more practise on Drums (and now, my 1st failed song on Vocal Solo Tour, i havent practiced ANY song on vocal solo tour yet, i started easy, med, hard and expert, not a single fail song nor practise in any of em)

This will be my 1st song on solo tour (Expert) that i’m going to be practising lol

i’m getting pretty use to playing bass pedal with either foot now, i’ma keep it balanced so it won’t be like right foot can play, but left foot can’t
soon i’m going to try "lefty mode" being right handed Wink just to see what it’s like…on the other hand

well……seems like me not being serious in high school is now turning my college apps into tons of problems >.>
1 called saying i don’t have grade 12 math and i need to go take an exam on the 16th (lol, if it’s grade 12 math related like calc/pre-clac, i’m fucked LOL) and said that "general business" is a whole new different level, when i saw it, i think it said "2 academic years"…uhhh…i dont have any academic courses (aka U coures), but, i have confidence in this, i guess for the 1st time in my life, i’m gonna study, i’ve never really "studied" before…i usually just skim through a few notes…and that’s it
then the person who called sent an email saying i need to do english and drawing test on the 9th…….and i read it and said to myself "um? 9th? did i read that fucking right? in 2 days?" (well, it’s tomorrow now…as im writing this it’s 8th)

i’m suppose to have 3 pro drawings (LOL, me draw? GO STICK MANS) well, seriously, i can’t really draw..the best work i’ve done is probably the one in my room, in grade 8 or 9…i don’t feel confident about this one…

well, no matters, if all fails, i’ma see if i can somehow manage to get in humber college’s music program
i have the most interest in this field…as it’s been something i’ve loved since i was about 2 years old, well, don’t wanna discuss that stuff again ;), makes me all depressed when i do

on to another topic hmm…oh…talking behind backs, i like that one 😉
believe it…i may/may not reply back….but, believe it…i-can-hear-you

this one time, in gr10, i think it was auto talk class (outside school, in portables), a classmate and i were walking back to main school building, and he mumbled "you dickhead" in his lowest tone and softest voice, and i was like "you talking to me?" he was all surprised lol, he was like "holy shit, you heard that? I wasn’t refering to you though" i just smiled and didn’t say anything

but yeah…within these 2 years without school (and some personal stuff happening), i’ve pretty much learned a lot about myself
i notice things that i normally dont notice much

well, i guess i’ll continue blabbling on some other time..pretty damn late now

poofing out~