well, 3 “tests”, that’s what the paper said πŸ˜‰
but, it’s considered exams…so…..whichever is fine

eh…reading comprehension, missing words, grammar & sentence stuff
the usual for English lol, didnt expect anything else

now, as for the drawing LOL, portfolio – failed lolol, did not have one πŸ˜‰ so, i guess that’s like, 50% chance gone LOL
basic shapes i was able to draw, though messed up a little
last question was drawing a sun / apple, 6 different sun and be creative

i chose to draw 5 suns, couldn’t think of the last one…bleh >.>

now, for the math exam next week on the 16th…i wonder how that will go..

and oh, i got mails from another college ;), they said they’re checking the college site daily for transcripts and all..once that’s updated, they’ll see if they have space in those programs, then if so..WOO, im in as well

but the problem is….all of these courses start in may 2009 lmao…i wonder wtf am i going to do ;), maybe i’ll ask my brother…since he’s been through it all