you know what..i fucking hate myself….i hate myself with a deep passion for having the ability to hear shit so well

every time i hear negative shit about me, it’s like, i have an emotional breakdown…like i’ma fucking break something or kill someone

this always fucking happens, just as I was feeling the old-style me coming back to me, feeling so damn fucking good about getting into college
ONE thing happens, and now I feel like all of it just crashed

well, i’ve calmed down a hell lot now lol

i didn’t take a 2 year break because i wanted to, it’s because i fucked up in high school (well, least i didn’t drop out), fooled around wayyyy too much, never took it seriously lol, horrible grades

so, i decided to see what i was interested in doing, found i hada keen interest in music again, you know, the normal singing songs

tried to look for a job, failed many times, until october last year, but that didn’t last very long either so..yeah
spent the new years with my cousins at their house…and that was when i found out about RockBand, the other cousin families all left, and it was only mine that stayed longer..i think we stayed until like, almost 1:30 am lol, and i was addicted to RockBand at that very day, at my cousin’s house..i think i played for like..4-5 hours total lol

so, i did some research on about the game (lol wikipedia) and a few other sites, it says that the Drums are basically a stimulation of the real drums, and it’s the same for guitar, it may be just a toy guitar and drum, but remove that, and put them in the real instruments, it would be the same person playing on it

and now i’ve been playing it on and off…since if i play it for too long, my left hand or my feet would start to get tired..and it takes literally DAYS to recover lol

the 1st time i played RockBand for a full day, was march the 2nd lol, which i blogged here…yeah…i was in P-A-I-N, both arms were KILLING me, i was barely standing with only my left foot that wasn’t hurt

now it’s only my left arm that hurts if i play 2-3 days ina row..and my ankles that hurt..instead of both legs lol

hm, speaking of RockBand, here’s my latest records, i’m about to update it again
RockBand Records

well, until next time~ *sings out