school school school >.>, geez, no one likes it but, that’s life right?

so, i got up in the morning at like, 8 lol, my class starts at 10:45, and i bus-ed there
took pretty damn long, got on the bus at about 8:55 am, and got to York Campus by 10:37

1st period went by pretty fast, then computer class after that was like, 3 classes right in the same room lol, and it was boring as hell, and it went through my normal lunch times (12-1pm), so i’m sitting there..waiting for the class to end at 2:20pm so i can go eat lunch, the professor left early so, most of the ppl left by then, so i said to myself "need…..lunch" and just left after them

the last class, also another computer class, seemed rather a bit more interesting, seeing as it’s suppose to teach operating system: Vista, which i have rarely ever used lol, so this should be interesting, but yeah, i hate it when i have to fight against hunger and try and focus in class, something i’ve never done before

but, as they say "there’s a first for everything"

anyhow, i’m going to bed, i gotta wake up at freaking 7 something, class starts 9:50