"welcome to college", has a biigg meaning when they say this, and i’m sure some of ppl already know lol

staying up late, waking up early, bus-ing.etc

well, intro to classes atm aren’t very fun…rather boring (and it’s fucking expensive to buy books)

not many ppl in classes overall seem to care much lol, do w/e they want…facebook, msn, games lol, all during class while teacher is talking

quite interesting, even when most are 1st semester ppl, just like me lol

and some who aren’t 1st semester also are the same pretty much, multi-task

man…i can’t believe in some classrooms, the fucking heat is still on, and it’s like, 30 degrees outside….i was like "omg, i’ma fucking melt in here….can’t concentrate"

anyways, i r hungry, me need food 😉