well, this year’s Canada Day went differently

we decided to celebrate at Mandarin restaurant (by woodbine and hwy 407) for free dinner

and, we started waiting in the longest line i have ever seen
it went 2 blocks when i got there, and like 15 mins later, it basically made a huge "S" shape, pretty interesting lol

we waited pretty much 6 hours to get in (fucking ppl kept calling their friends and family and bud in line, 5 friends called their family while we waited, so, that part in front of us qua tripled, literally), my family and the ones around us were all like "that’s bullshit, get out of here, if you want free food, fucking wait like we do"

one of the families behind us even told the manager about it, and he asked them to stop
i doubt they listened cause more came afterwards

and the thing was, they were black, now, i’m not being racist, but at least follow the rules
it’s first come first serve basis

we came first, we waited 4 hours and you just come in and join your family/friends? i doubt it, get out and go to the back of the line buddy

the guy that was handing out flags reconized our small batch of people waiting when we got to go inside
he was like "ok, 20 more people?" *pauses* "i know you guys been waited super long, i’ll let you all pass"

we were all like "YES!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU"
the food AND service was damn good, gotta admit
WAYYYY better than the "SuperBuffet" that’s also close by that we tried

so now i have a fortune cookie (HELL YEAH!) AND a canada flag 😉

2 more days of my week off school..damnit lol