many police officers were checking if everyone had their bus fares, and this week, they checked many many times lol

tuesday morning on viva bus

weds twice (morning and evening)

and friday morning (this morning)

thankfully, i havent forgotten my pass once yet, so, didn’t get owned, but several others did Tongue out

yesterday, in apc (applied professional communications) class, the teacher told us to go into small groups of 3-4
and, she would make us have a 1-2 min presentation on a topic that she would tell us

the 1st 3 were simple as everyone understood it
the last 3 were so hard, none of us would know what it meant or what it is

and, on the last round, she told 1 member of each group to switch with the ones closest to them
and while i was standing up, one of the 2 group members that was sitting down was whispering "it’s ok, i dunno what it is either" (and he wasn’t suppose to be talking)
and then he started cracking up cause NO one was saying anything, and i started laughing so hard

while i was on the viva bus home, last second before the bus left, these teens walked on, and one of the girls looked SO much like someone i use to like, the funny thing was, it made me Embarrassed soo bad and it quickly showed as soon as she sat down diagonally from me, and since i was sitting in the middle of the bus, i’m pretty sure alot of ppl noticed that i was blushing and to which group of ppl cause they were like "he’s blushing *giggle*" and then the guy that was in that group said something (dont remember what) and one of the girls replied back "don’t make him even more embarassed", there were a couple girls, and the ones sitting both left and right of me were also they’re friends too

so, to avoid looking at everyone, i just kept my eyes shut and put my head down (and said to myself "oh shit……"

throughout the whole ride, i couldn’t even sleep..i just kept my eyes shut, and listened carefully to the surroundings

i kept hearing them mentioning if i fell asleep and/or if i’ll wake up