well, seems to me this semester is gonna be better at least

not like last time where i didnt know what to expect and needed to adjust to bus times, and how long and blah blah
now i just "try" (keyword) to study on the bus…though i dont think it helps as it can be pretty distracting..if it’s not the mass talking..it’s the bus that gets so bumpy and all cause of the roads >.>

funny thing is most ppl i see on the bus..they read read read…and they look around, outside…read read…and then they stop completely lol
i’ve seen a few ppl that can draw really good, but even they had to stop because it was so bumpy and all

well, let’s hope this semester will be better

tomorrow’s the last day of my study week (my last day off)…classes starts monday….and it’s back to the library in school = checking my emails in class (school’s email and personal one) and probably being on facebook from time to time…so…if anyone needs me, that’s your best shot @ where to find me while im in school