well, the semester is coming to an end, and i gotta say, this semester seemed ALOT better, since i know how everything works..

i have 2 presentations tomorrow, but i will only be speaking in 1 of em as i only organized the other one, didnt research anything

im reading the info that im suppose to present tomorrow at about 3:50 pm RIGHT NOW lol, and it doesnt seem to have that much information..both online and on the textbook…they pretty much say almost the same things…

i’ve been feeling so dead tired after getting that shot..i felt asleep
on the bus before it even started to depart lol, i woke up 3 bus stops
away from my stop…how lucky..and it’s about an hour and 20 min
ride…there goes 1 hour or more if traffic..

oh, and did i mention i got the H1N1 flu shot yesterday?

the doc said the following :
1. you might feel pain on your left arm for 2-3days
2. you might feel pain for 1-3 weeks
3. you’ll have a fever or normal flu after a day or 2, and get can get flu much easier at within the next few days
4. worse case scenario, you have 1 in 1 million chance that your arm (the arm that you had the shot in) may be paralyzed
1-3 are the most common, though i’ve heard many ppl had #3
and 4 is obviously the very unlucky one
right now i’m feeling the pain on my arm, and it’s just 24 hours…wait..that’s not one of the things the doc said x.x
oh..and during my ride back home from bus, it kinda felt like i had a fever..and i was feeling hot & cold..so….i’ll just have to wait till tomorrow..and see what happens…