Christmas holidays is so much fun with a family reunion lol
started off pretty good, went to cousin’s house, had lots of fun

lol, damn, i dont i’ve laughed this hard in such a long time, so hard that i
had tears in my eyes lol, and that doesn’t happen often either
i guess it’s
safe to say that it loosened me up ALOT cause i felt so much better and relieved
after i left their place
afterall, i pretty much used 130% effort in college, and studying my ass off
pretty much (and trust me, this is was literally my first time
ACTUALLY studying, and i spent a week studying, even studied on
the bus to and from school

i’ve never studied ONCE in my life up until
now, i gotta admit lol

i heard my cousins talking about personality colors, green/blue/gold/orange
and such, and, that reminded me that i had to do that for a class of mine, which
that class was alot of fun, this class was the class i talked about in my last
blog i think, the communication class

words cant even express how much i’ve learned in this class lol, it’s funny
cause all my life, i’ve been learning more and more about myself, and it’s
probably this one that i’ve learned the most in, since i’ve taken it twice and
with 2 different teachers and they both used different learning styles, which
both works fine with me

one of the topics that stand out to me is
listening, and maybe i know why, but it’s probably not 100% accurate
i say
listening because i’ve noticed that i’m pretty good at listening, and my body
reacts and expresses faster than my mind can, so that just means it takes longer
for my mind to interpret it and put it into words,

if you want a more accurate/believable response from me, pay close attention
my non-verbal communication, and not verbal communication (though this is hard
to tell being online =p)
i’ve also learned more about myself through “myers briggs personality test”,
and damn, it’s scary how accurate it is about me, since i had an assignment
based on this and comparing how much of it is true and give examples of
anyways, this is what i got on mine

i learned SO much in that class, and, because i have long-term memory (yes,
that means i have short-term memory as well), i almost remembered what my
teacher said word-for-word on certain sections (i failed last semester, pretty
much all of the courses, and had to re-take them all)

it’s weird because this is where what my teacher says becomes clear, the part
where she said “the problem is when your expectation was high, but the result
wasn’t as high, and that takes a role in self-confidence and self-esteem”, i say
this because i went into exams, knowing all that i can possibly know from
studying, and thought i did REALLYwell on them both,
ended up failing 2 courses,
i’m wondering if it was the class work or if it was the exam, but then again,
this stupid college policy is so gay, fail exam = fail course, yet course
overall = 55%+ to write the exam
why didn’t they just make it so we just
write the exam and not go to class at all or let everyone self-study with no
classes (or they can skip al lectures) and just walk in to write the exam itself
like other colleges..
well, anyways, enough of that, i don’t wanna get too worked up about all
this, it’s Christmas, i should be relaxing more and be glad that i’m actually
“in” college and putting more effort than i usually do on school

Merry Christmas ^_^