hm, i’ve been thinking alot about something i heard last thursday during lunch

i heard this guy was talking about how he was 19, and he was very shy around others and to other girls (and then i was like hm, just like me)
he mentioned that it took him alot of time to overcome some of it and he’s till shy towards girls that he doesn’t know (i wish i was there earlier, he mentioned it before)… he also mentioned something about "finding out what you dislike about yourself" to disvover and develop self-esteem & self confidence

and then that got me thinking about APC class again..and what i’ve already posted

i’ve almost pretty much lost all interest and motivation towards classes…the last 2 courses i was interested in is now cut in this course is actually related to the program that i originally wanted to do…Web Designing

also, i’ve remembered that i have learning disabilities (slow reading materials, slow learner.etc) and yesterday’s survey basically gave me further information about all that…so…i’m going to be visiting my highschool as soon as my 1:30 class is done to get those information…

ok, time to walk directly upstairs for class…which is another computer class

ok, i’m in class now….and….didnt learn anything again, for this class, i have all the old labs on my USB and it’s pretty much the same as last semester so far
i probably failed last time cause i didn’t submit the required amount completed…..
let’s hope it wont be like this time…

so. i’m going to be visiting my highschool today, see if i can find my special ed teacher again..