well, apparently i got there late, my class ended @ 3:20 & that’s when there was a party @ MCI (middlefield collegiate institute, a public highschool for those that don’t know), when i got off the bus, it was pretty much 5:15-ish..so i walked there..and saw many people walking home, so…i figured it was finished already

i went and explore what’s changed after 2 years of graduating…

ah, the memories came back to me so quick with my long-term memories..
the cafe…the band…the classrooms….all the old chilling spots, the "china town"….and the list goes on..

bump into an old friend in the english hallway, talked and walked to the cafe to find other classmate

so, we all went and explored that "new wing" that they planned just before we graduated that has been finished probably last year or jsut after we graduated

ah…..so much old memories….


that still solve my shyness reasons towards those i’m unfamiliar to..especially towards girls