well, this is just great >.>
i’ve pretty much lost interest in programming and, on top of that, one of my old classmates from 1st semester was telling me that he already failed oriented object programming (OOP) it last semester, and is re-taking it again now, and he also said he’s not doing good this semester either, and probably will take that course only next semester if he fails it

anyways, i can say it’s good and bad that i’m a slow learner
good because i have a good long-term memory, and because i learn it slowly, i can remember it more clearly on the long-run
bad well, basically because i can’t keep up with fast-paced materials and my short-term memory would kick in

hm, APC (applied professor communications) sure was fun last semester
and IPC (Intro to programming using C Language) too, too bad i failed this one cause i didn’t hand in assignment 2 & 3 in time, i could have if i asked my classmates for them, but, that wouldn’t be my own work (and for this college, that’s considered plagiarism)
the 2nd course i failed was IOS, simply cause i didn’t hand in 8 labs

i plan on visiting career services soon and doing a test to see which programs may fit me more, i was looking at OOP materials the other day, and, none of that interested me, and not only that, but, the difficulty has raisen by like 1 whole bar from IPC