over the past few weeks, i have randomly & suddenly remember a bunch of stuff from the past..whether it’s normally thinking on a normal basis, or whether it’s coming from dreams…

the dreams that i usually get are very realistic..like it’s parallel with the reality world, sometimes i can’t even tell em apart…it’s as if it’s a normal day, with all the 5 senses active (see, touch, smell, taste, hear)
good & bad..i’m not sure if it has something to do with me desperately trying to find out more about myself…after discovering that i’ve actually had IPRC & IEP documents (special education)

it seems i use to be in level 2-3 level esl & struggled in many areas..
listening skills, memorizing, conprehension, following instructions…the list goes on..
almost all the results were "below expected", and this assessment was taken when i was grade 7

i’m pretty sure many of that has improved, but there’s also many that are still many apparent problems…and the main one is probably memory..
short term auditory memory, or something like that…i didn’t even know what it means lol, till i researched it through google

there’s alottt of things that i’ve getting help from, basically was using the services in my college to help me try and overcome these..
i’ve been to a few counselling appointments, and my counsellor suggested some methods to help improve overall, though i didn’t have time
to look at them till now (cause of exams)

but anyways, that quote i saw on facebook the other day really reminded me of my conditions..and, kinda made me feel funny and awkward reading it

well, guess that’s all that’s on my mind today….it’s pretty weird when you can feel emotions of others without personally experiencing yourself…the feeling is just..phenomenal…it’s not something words can express..