pretty interesting & accurate of what describes me best & even more interesting how i was able to re-call many events in my life related to this myers briggs’s assignment that i had to do for a class of mine..funny thing is, when i read that whole passage, i laugh lol..basically cause the more i think about it, the memory of that segment of passage comes crystal clear to me..
as if it happened yesterday or very recently..but that’s not all..

most times, these "feelings" that i normally get can overcome me to do or say things that i dont intentionally do
i’ve learned alot about myself in that class..& taking myers briggs’s test helped me even further on understanding myself better

now i know why I’ve always done things by instincts
why in many cases, i understand certain things, but can’t explain how i can understand it
why i can understand certain "feelings" without personally going through the event
why i’m so sensitive & emotional when i watch shows / movies (yes, i shed tears in sad movies, and literally laugh out loud at funny ones)
and the list goes can go on..

but those aren’t the main concerns i’m having right now..
right now i’m actually concerned about one of my learning disabilites, something like short-term auditory memory…and..dont need to ask me what my counsellor said it meant…cause i forgot long ago lol, i just remember the name of it..
there was another that i heard..can’t quite get my tongue on it either..

anyway, i guess that’s all for today…
i’ll try my best to write another blog….i know i’ll forget at some…
don’t mind me..
as painful as it is… it’s difficult when you find out you were a special ed student after all those years of thinking your normal person…
until next time….good night.