Grats to all the winners!
Miley Cyrus looked pretty hot during her intro “Party in the USA” performance, but she looked even better wearing red Surprised smile

yeah, we all know anything can happen during these live shows, like Drake’s band not being ready (but then he killed it when they were or Miley Cyrus messing up & skipping her cue cards lol

Marianas Trench, WHAT!? Lady GaGa style boobs? LOL

Nina, Lights, Girlicious AND Leah are all looking astonishing, nice
wooo!!, Go So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 3!!

AAAAAANNNNNDDDDDDDDDD, last but not least, can’t wait till Step Up 3D, coming out August 6th!
The next “Step Up” movie! Heard many “So You Think You Can Dance” dancers are gonna be in it! woohoo