well, seems that I’ve learned a few things during this vacation

  1. No more McD for a good year or so lol
  2. No more buffets either please

these 2 combinations has literally made me fat..and it actually shows in the pictures that have me in them, although i tried to avoid having my parents take pics of me
my dad seems to like having pics with "people" or "someone" in them, or else it wouldn’t be a picture to him, but my mom & I both disagree

most of the landscape pictures were taken by me, some from my mom
some good & some bad

I’ll upload them later when i find the 2 sheets of paper that states all the destinations and also, someone from the first week wave of tour group reminded me of an old friend i use to know during my 3rd grade class in Roden Public School
she looked so much like her, the only difference was her eyes

it’s time for me to start exercising!
the 2 weeks of fast food is really killing me lmao
I’ve also made a blogspot account, so I’m gonna try it out
Jim’s BlogSpot