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Inception was an interesting movie that involves dreams! (Sorry, spoiled it lol.)

I’ve been getting these a lot in the past few months. They’re interesting because the concept was pretty similar to the movie before the movie was made. My imagination has no limitations and that’s what freaks me out a lot….

I use to write this out with a pen or pencil when I get bored in class, and now that I think about it, it’s pretty much the “dream of dream” concept, but in a deeper thought : “I’ve dreamed of a dream, dreaming of a dream”.

That’s basically 4 layers of dreams.

Anyways, I’ve been dreaming quite a lot within the past few months and I have no idea why these dreams are coming to me. Some of these dreams are revealing my past life, like my unconscious trying to tell my conscience something important.
My memory has never been good. I’m not sure if this has something to do with my past sickness or maybe something to do with being in Special Education so long without even remembering that I’ve even been in it in the first place.

My imagination has always insane, like, I can picture and hear ANYONE if I have seen or hear their voice.
Hell, even when they message me, I can hear their voice as I read it, the emphasis on some words, the accent (if they have any), their tone (well, this I can’t tell 100%)
Picturing someone?
Um, let’s not even go there LOL!  Since..well..I’m sure you get the idea………

Imagination is pretty..intense for me..but so is the “feeling” of certain things.
Personally, it scares the f*ck out of me when it comes to this aspect.
I don’t need to experience something personally to know how it feels
…Words can’t even describe how to explain it..
There’s a lot of things that I understand (internally) but my externally, I don’t.