Hm, I was gonna say something about my personality.

However, a random thought came to me :
What if i have social anxiety disorder?

I’ve noticed that, not only do I have problems speaking in public for presentations (just the thought of it makes feel all anxious over again), but I often take very short breaths, and also, someone pointed out to me that I was sweating on one of my presentations in some class, and I didn’t even notice.
I also remember blushing in MANY situations, specifically towards girls (I’ve also blushed to some guys, not that I’m gay, but, I’m extremely shy when it comes to face-to-face situations).

Anyways, onto something else
I’m not sure if anyone knows this, but, I’m one of those SUPER sensitive emo ppl, but I just hide it very well.
How do I hide it?
The pain that I feel deep inside me, simply makes me not cry. I put on a mask to disguise it.
Where is this pain coming from?
Fuck, I don’t even know.

In many situations, the events or things that I see, I can understand, but I don’t understand HOW I can understand it. (Make sense?)

I watch those reality shows like Criminal Minds, and it makes complete sense to me why those killers do what they do and why.
And honestly, it freaks the shit outta me…

Ah, I’m gonna stop, this is scaring even me LOL