A couple days ago, I confessed to a very close friend that I use to have a HUGE crush on, but I didn’t even realize it at all.

We basically grew up in the same environment since grade 5 and gradually got along with each other. We started hating each other so, I can never ever hate her. And whenever I did, I would simply just forgive her

I can’t remember if it was “that” grade 5 incident that caused us to not like each other from the start. Oh well :P.

Ah, I’m just happy that I’ve finally gotten that out of my chest and actually told her.
I think I’ve told her once before, but she was madly in love with someone else (which turned out to be a friend of mine, whom I can’t remember how we met), and she turned it down and said “let’s just be friends”. (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN)

Those 4 words.
Those 4 words that you would never want to hear.
Those 4 words I’ve never forgotten till this very day

However, we became family-like relationship instead, brothers and sisters.
So, I would (and could) basically (continue to) watch out for her.

Ah, I don’t think she knows that all those times I (purposely) went and tagged along just to watch over her.

All in all, I’m glad that she’s back with someone who I know treats her well.