For the past months since I’ve stopped college, I’ve been wondering about many past memories that have been surfacing within my dreams.

Sometimes I forget them, sometimes I remember it so clear, like it happened yesterday.

However, it’s not just remembering it, it’s like the dream itself is reality. The feeling of walking around home, the smell of food, the sounds & voices, everything felt like reality. Just it seems to pass by extremely quick.

Like my unconscious is feeding my conscience information.

I’ve also noticed within my times in college, I was still had an anti-social type personality.
Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never been good at face-to-face conversions, even with high school friends.

It could also be that I’m lacking self-confidence, or I am somehow missing something that has been yet to be discovered in my dreams.

Hopefully that will be soon, time is ticking…