It’s been awhile I’ve blogged, so, here it is!

I’ve stopped playing RuneScape Classic Private Server (started last March) and suddenly started getting back to MapleStory for the events.

I’ve noticed my body instantly reverted back to old habits ever since I stopped RSC PS. Habits like sleeping at 1am, waking around 7-8am without an alarm clock. However, I’ve been waking up earlier than usual for the past few days (5-6am). I’ve been remembering many of my childhood & elementary school life events. I gotta admit, I keep a lot of things at heart, good or bad.

To be honest, I haven’t really done much within the past few years besides college for 9 months. Lack of motivation, possibly (self)confidence as well.

I guess I should finish old business once and for all.
That seems to be the only way to truly get it off my mind.

Once this old business is finally complete, I believe I know where begin getting my life back on track.