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Last week, while cleaning (more of organizing) my room, I found an Old CD named “Video Games”. I’ve never been a fan of making CD’s, so, I don’t believe I personally made it.
It contained various old games from the old consoles. From GBA (Game Boy Advance) to Nintendo. Games ranging from FFT (Final Fantasy Tactics, GBA version) to Killer Instinct (Nintendo).

I decided to try all these old games, from game titles that were familiar to me as I was young. I (of course) naturally beat all these old RPG games (Phantasy Star 3 + 4, Zelda’s Link to the past.etc). Also beat the popular “Shinobi” series. Nothing really occurred after I beat all these games, as I rushed to beat them all asap.

Until a few days ago, when a sudden thought from a scene in Zelda’s Link to the past has sparked some memories of my own past reflected in my dreams. Nowadays, the dreams I get are quite interesting. They include the 5 common senses (sometimes less). However, I never seem to remember the exact words I hear/spoken, except for special occasions.

I remember going to my brother’s friend’s house. It wasn’t very far, it was 3-4 minute walk. I was so young. I remember playing my first “Monopoly” board game there. It was (and probably will be) one of my luckiest game ever. I owned all the railroads, landed on free parking numerous times, owned boardwalk & park place with big hotels.
I had so much fun.

Chains of memories have been re-telling me past events I have long forgotten. The good & the bad. Sometimes, the dreams can be so realistic, it’s quite frightening.

I know I’m suppose to move forward & never look back, but, there’s seems to be something that has yet to be revealed about my past.