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Kindergarten, 5 years old.

Meeting my first buddy, Steven. He was playing at the sandbox all alone while majority of the others were playing with blocks. I got bored with playing with the blocks (which reflects me not a fan of puzzles even now), I decided to join Steven. We had lots of fun.

I use to trip on myself a lot. It wasn’t because the shoe had laces (which it didn’t). When I use to walk, my feet would point inwards, not outwards. So my right foot would walk slightly left and my left foot would walk right. I didn’t notice this at first, but I slowly recovered from that. Naturally, other classmates would laugh at me every time it occurred. You’ll probably need to pay REAL close attention to my feet, it still occurs to this day, just barely noticeable. This might have been some aftermath of the fever I had when I was young, but, I really don’t know.

Sometime passed, since I see myself sitting in a circle with classmates & my 3rd grade teacher outside the circle teaching us a game. I believe she was french, she had an interesting name. I believe it was Hereaux (I’d have to check my stack of report cards).
The game she taught was knowing the clock (12 hour & 24 hour). We had to put our hand up (like always) before answering the question. The irony is that there were only 2 main competitors within this game. Me & a girl named “Cathy”. Both of us raise our hand first and answered the most questions. The teacher would always ask others before picking either of us. Another class activity we had been picking & feeding a caterpillar. The whole class was so excited when it started making a cocoon. Before we knew it, it became a monarch butterfly. I remember holding in my hands saying “Wow, so beautiful”. It was recess (man I miss that word) we set it free outside, watching it’s wings lift into the sky. I thought to myself, “This fuzzy, long creature with tons of legs turned into something so beautiful. This world is so magical”.

Not long after that, I found out that Cathy (whom I use to call coffee) actually lived on my street. She thought I was following her. Little did she know, I lived all the way near the end of the street. After that, we started walking home together. I don’t remember what we talked about, but, we talked a whole lot after the whole competition thing. I still remember what she looks like, although I doubt I’ll be able to recognize her anymore.

Somewhere within grade 1 – 3, I remember playing with Pogs.
You know? These :


I really good at playing, I won a lot of them too. Some kid started getting jealous at me, so he grabbed my
huge collection & yelled, “SCRAMBLE!” and he tossed it into the air. Man, I remember I was so pissed. I wanted to start a fight, but luckily I didn’t. I went and picked up whatever was left on the ground.

I can’t blame the kid for being jealous though, he was the “bully” type. The way picked on others. The way he walked & talked. The “I’m better than everyone” personality. One word : SPOILED. Although I’m not the trouble type, he picked on me a few times after that incident. Annoying as hell.

Grade 4. I hated this grade with a deep passion. My teacher was Ms. Phillips. She’s kind and all, but I just didn’t seem to like her. She use to tell me “Wake up and smell the fresh coffee in the morning!”, I use to think, “God, I hate that smell.”

Another incident happened within grade 4. I was walking home from school. Walking along the school fence. Close to end of the street, some kid was throwing rocks at a random apartment across the street. He probably hit & broke something, cause he started running so fast. Of course it would be natural to assume the closest person walking along the street did it. In that moment, the assumption would be that I was the one who did it. The woman looked out the window, and walked out, asking me why I did it. Which of course I would deny (since it was the truth). She held a stick in one hand, but she didn’t use it. Instead she starting kicking me so I naturally started to cry. Then I heard a voice from a far distance “Stop hitting my brother!”. My brother resolves it, making me apologize for something I didn’t do. I apologize anyway, and we head home.

Come to think of it, I didn’t really have much friends when I was young, just a few close ones.