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Merry Christmas & a happy New Year! I hope everyone stays safe for the holidays!
Fellow Canadians, I hope you woke up early for Boxing Day & get what you wanted to get!
And now, back to my flashback stories ;).

A new community, a new life. A new school.

Parkland Public School.

My grade 5 teacher, Ms. Mofat.
How did I remember that? Well, it was a “The Moffatts fan at that time).

This was the first time and first classroom that had 2 different teachers in 1 classroom in the school if I remembered correctly. Not very clear, but there’s a few things I recall :

1. The words “Fire Chicken” (lol)
2. Special Ed + ESL
3. Sex Ed

I honestly don’t remember how or where “fire chicken” came from, but, a friend of mine & I seem to laugh every time we heard those words throughout grade 5.
Special Ed, don’t really remember much, but, since I never learned French in grade 4, I was placed in this. However, I do remember that every time I had a test, I would have a modified / reduced version of it.
Sex Ed, it was the first time I ever heard of this class in grade 5, which split the boys & girls when learning this subject.

Grade 6. Mrs. Patrick & her “incomplete homework” towards me, it was so bad that she contact my parents several times. This grade passed by pretty quick when you mainly fool around, which was basically what I did.
This was also the first time that we had to cut open a pumpkin, and actually eat the insides of it. I remember running to the washroom, throwing up to the taste of it lol, it may be fun craving, but for me, definitely not eating ;).

Grade 7. This was the year where Markham community was getting more developed. The VP of the school announced that there would be more students coming in, so everyone that lived a little north of the school to be transferred to another school providing buses to pick us up every morning. This is when the whole neighborhood basically started growing up together.