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It started by having the bus pick us up around 7:30, so I remember waking up at 7 in the morning everyday to get ready.
There were several buses that went around the neighborhood to pick up others, I believe my bus was the last one, simply cause behind my house is the main street.

Now, this order of picking us up was also used for going on field trips, so we had to remember our bus number, it was because of this that all the kids from the same bus would be familiar with each other.

I have always been bad at memorizing someone’s name, but I can remember their face & recognize their voice (could be linked to my past), but there was one name I was able to memorize for this one occasion.

I had a major crush on someone, and once a rumor goes around in a school, you can bet it’ll spread. Within a day, the whole school probably knew.

There were 2 classmates with that name. One who was the same age as me & one who was a year younger.
It was a little embarrassing when the one being the same age as me confronted me just before I walked outside for recess the next morning.
Her exact words were, “I heard you have a crush on me, but you’re not my type of guy.”
“Oh, but it’s not you”. I replied.
She quickly responded with “Okay, I’m glad it’s settled” & she heads back inside, while I go outside.

Several other events I remember, a classmate that created a customize webpage of her own, with hyperlinks.etc, I thought it was pretty awesome back then.

Field Trips
I’m sure we all loved those when we’re young, a day off normal classes. This of course, was what I loved best. We’re in our own bus numbers & we were able to sit in anywhere instead of the usual order of picking & dropping us off (since it was a different bus driver).

One of my most memorable event here, is during the summer when we’re allowed to slide down the windows, the girls would chant “HONK THE HORN” towards the cars coming from the side. Every time a car/truck next us honked, the girls would cheer “YEAAAAAAAH” or “WOOOOO!”
There was one that refused, I remember his facial expression. All serious & grumpy. Perhaps he had a rough day or something. He eventually smiled & gave one long honk after the girls begged “Please, for us? Just once?”

Lol, I gotta admit though. Times like these, they’re really priceless.

However, I do have one negative experience.
We were on an indoor hiking (which meant walking around a little outside school property) and, it had rained the day before. We had to be very careful when walking down the forest due to the slippery mud on the ground.
Unfortunately, I actually slipped & fell towards a tree head first. The left side of my face hit the tree so hard it sounded & felt like I had snapped a bone or something. I’m not sure if the school contacted my parents to let them know something happened to me.
Come to think of it, I don’t believe I even remembered something like this happening before, up until now.

The year draws to an end as everyone grabs a small mat to toboggan on the slopes outside the school.