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I’ve been seeing several people with this problem and I too, am experiencing this now. (Edit : found solution, read near the end)

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the new FireFox version (10.0.2), I don’t remember getting any of these errors before.
Perhaps I can try down-grading (if possible). I also checked Microsoft answers, it seems they recommend temporarily switching to Internet Explorer to download files.

I ran a scan to the specific setup file “IE8-x86.exe ” (we all know that’s Win XP-32bit right?) which couldn’t install last night. AVG removed it to virus vault telling me it’s a corrupted setup file.

However, before I upgraded to FireFox 10.0.2 (a night before, so March 1st), I also downloaded this file and it ran perfectly.
First things first, I’ll try using Internet Explorer to download, I’ll edit this post later.

So I tried using IE8, wasn’t successful either, so went back to Firefox, went to Google this problem again. And behold, the answer was right in the search results, it’s just that I didn’t actually click to check into it!

The solution here is to download support libraries (Microsoft Visual C++ Re-Distributable) found right here

Simply run this file, wait until it’s done, then restart your computer. Things should be back to normal after that!

Format Factory finally works for me now!
Time to do some converting!