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The first time I bought & used my first USB drive (during highschool, back in 2003), I always had used it for carrying media files, documents.etc and setup executable (exe) files for installing programs (they are much smaller than portable version)

I never really thought about the “portable” solution until I noticed my friends doing it, which was a few years later.

I just stumbled upon Portable Applications today, and realized, “Damn, I wish I could have discovered this site earlier.” Why?
I actually went to the main sites to download the portable versions before, and here these pre-installed programs are, all in 1 neat, organized website, that also includes other utilities, games & so much more.
I was reminded that MapleStory was selling these (they also sold CD’s), and Rogers company has the “internet speed stick” or “rocket stick” I think, but it was also the same idea here.

So, 2 weeks ago, I decided to back up, clean & re-organize my 2 USB’s (Both 1 GB, not very much compared to now, but it’s still better than nothing) and added portable programs on 1 USB & the rest of the files on the other.

I didn’t know some other people refer these USB drives as “Thumb” or “Finger” (they are the same length as them), so I was quite scared when someone told me, “I lost my finger at home!

Anyway, everyday that goes by, I wish that I would be able to use that laptop my brother has been setting up (for months now, since New Years, I might be getting it for my b-day present instead).
The specs of my current PC?
System Specs
Not only is it 10 years old (Version 2002 lol), but, it’s essentially built for Win 95/98. Noting Pentium 3 & that ram makes it even older.

  • can’t multitask, running FireFox + the new messenger will cause “Low on RAM” message, so resorted to Hotmail page
  • cannot stream videos, I’ll be lucky if it can play without being converted first before going to VLC!
  • spammed FaceBook homepage for the first 2 weeks, CPU only loaded the top toolbar lmao, nothing else
  • none of the games on FaceBook loads even with flash installed, very nice!

So, all in all, I’m very lucky that I have the patience that I have, knowing I haven’t officially gone crazy using this machine for 8 months.

I was informed of a bad habit that developed while using this CPU for such long duration of time, even I didn’t notice until someone told me
I’m consistently sitting in this position on my CPU desk : Bored Position

I suppose any/every one would eventually sit like this though, so, it’s not about the CPU, but in fact, the boredness.

Last but not least, I went from using 20-40 mins thinking & typing such a blog out, to 20-40 mins to think, and 2-3 hours to type, wait, and correct every 10 mins or so, trust me, it really kills time that way.
I’m really happy I can at least open FireFox & Winamp without lagging/slowing down the CPU, I know I-Tunes would have lagged, I’ve tried ;).

Edit : Interesting, the text area box I’m now using is different from my last one, seems this one doesn’t allow many things atm.