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I recently noticed that I’ve been outdated, not just in terms of technology (outdated CPU, 128 MB MP3 player, 2 USB’s of 1 GB space), but even my life is very outdated. Gotta take steps one at a time.

A few days ago, my brother finally finished setting up this laptop (well, virus scan states it was ready a month ago, but the backup made was a few days ago), so, the first thing I did was catch up on what I’ve missed.
Criminal Minds. The last episode I saw was episode 7. Went to visit CTV.ca and found out they are on episode 18! 19th on Thursday! Damn, I missed 11 episodes!? Took several hours to watch them all on YouTube. Thank you Mrs. Criminal Mind Chick (like hottie AJ Cook), what would we do without you? 😉
Manga. New Prince of Tennis, Bleach & Naruto went god-speed with this laptop. I use to be able take a piss, sit down on chair AND then see the page just finish loading.
Oh, I’ve changed the picture on my previous post of the woman, it’ll now be yours truly 🙂
Music. Not outdated in terms of having the most recently played song, [if you watched the latest Criminal Minds (S7x18 – Foundation), I’ll just say that Reid mentions something about a specific age. Won’t spoil it.) I’m outdated on my personal list. Don’t think I’ll be getting my old D drive back from the looks of it. There goes about 13 GB of music (personal & StepMania).
Wordpress. I’m actually a really terrible blogger to be honest. I read Getting More Site Traffic and I only do/have 3 things mentioned, maybe 4.

  1. Publicize – decided to do this late 2010
  2. Blog often – once a month, an extra for bonus!
  3. Make it easy for visitors to follow your blog – since yesterday!
  4. Use appropriate tags – every tag is important to me, thus the super big list of tags

Game. I can no longer download installation files & restricted access on some programs, Guess I won’t be participating in open beta of a private Luna Online server. I really did want to, at least for a few days. I am very glad I actually stopped MapleStory, I’ve explained this in an earlier (unwritten) post, which I will be adding on sometime along with all the written posts on my personal journal at home.
Reality. Not exactly in the present day, more of grasping past events. I do have some things in mind though, just waiting for the right moment.

Well, I’ll start reorganizing & cleaning pretty soon.