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My first blog started from MySpace.

I remember customizing each section. I believe I still have a notepad of codes to the customizations somewhere.
Anyways, I kept many of the posts since then, which I’ve moved over to Windows Live Spaces in January 2004.
But, it was shut down in 2010 (more details here). When I received the notice that Windows Live Spaces would shut down (several months before), I switched immediately to WordPress (thanks to this) without thought.

You probably don’t want to read my whole life, so, I’ll skip posting my super-duper long diary from 2004 to 2007.
However, you’re more than welcome to have a glimpse or bore yourself to sleep right over here. Trust me, it IS by far the longest post I have ever posted!

You might find something odd, yes, very odd.
I just said that I switched to WordPress immediately in 2010 after Windows Live Spaces shut down, but my “Blast from the past” (on the left) say otherwise.
Oops, I lied, well, partly :).
I actually started a WordPress account ahead of time, in fact, I also started a Blogger (BlogSpot) account. So, I had to update MySpace, WLS & WordPress, all at the same time! I had to simultaneously update all 3 at once!
Gotta love copy & paste :).