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I’m sure some of you may (or may not) heard about people struggling with “MapleStory Addiction”. I’ve Google’d & YouTube’d this exact phrase. I wasn’t surprised to find people sharing their story relatively similar to my own.

I honestly don’t remember how far back I began playing MapleStory. I know its been at least 8 years though.
When I played, I remember having access to Maple Island to Victoria Island to Orbis. (Orbis just came out during that time).

There weren’t many high level players at the time as I recall. My first character was “MagePurity”, an Ice/Lightning magician.

I remember killing those cute little kittens.

Not real kittens, I’m not an animal killer! I love kittens!

Virtual little kittens. Named Jr for Junior Lioners. They do have some resemblance of lions.
Jr Lioner
(credit : hidden-street.net)

I don’t remember why I chose this specific one, but I did because it was less popular (players didn’t hunt this as much). It also had elemental weakness to the type of magician I was, but so was Cellions (red one).

As I moved onto level 54 or so, I started hunting “Red Drakes” in Perion : Dangerous Valley 2
Oh yes my friend, very old school. Not the small fire boars you see now.
This was a very popular map. Even though many players respected each other, we still had to fight for the spot.
It’s a first-come-first-serve thing.

  1. No, there wasn’t any of those “CC PLZ” going on, and if there was, we weren’t lazy, we’d ask nicely.
  2. No, there wasn’t much KS-ing. If map(s) was taken, we’d find another one or go somewhere else.
  3. No, there wasn’t those cocky jumping-all-over-the-place (assas)sins that kill/ks everything in its path (no offense to every Rogue out there).

Thus, developing my own little speed-training set : Brown Jester, Icarus Cape (2) & Orange pinkbottom shoes scrolled with +100% speed’s.
Yes, I’m Asian, being cheap is in my blood.

I was able to compete amongst many mages there. One whom I always bump into.
IGN (in-game name) AlwaysTwins. Oh, I forgot to mention channel 14 was (and still would be) my home channel.
Sometimes, if all maps were taken, we (loyal old players) would negotiate to share map, taking top/middle/bottom or designated areas.

I remember Ludibrium being introduced, and we would ride the “shrian” (half ship, half train) to get there. It would take 10 mins to reach destination, but 5 min wait for the “shrian” to set sail/take off.

We were introduced to so many new maps to explore & many new monsters to hunt, especially for higher level players.
I remember hunting Vikings & Gigantic Vikings (elemental weakness to Lightning) and, the funny “god-mode” glitch that they had. They’re attacks would never hit a player if they were facing left.
Or maybe right, ah I don’t remember. Either way, it would just not hit.

After reaching level 100 and the glitch was fixed, I decided to move onto a new project.
HP Warrior.
Various players have input into this project. It’s a lot harder than you think in some ways.
HP Warrior Guide by ShurikenRonan

Despite being permanently banned on Sleepywood forums, I remember making a new forum account. However, I believe they IP banned me at the time so…all those updates I helped spearMINTz on that forum..all..never..existed..! Damn, I wasted so much time doing that too.
Lucky, I had a southperry account and kept backup of her PPA topic, right here

If you’ve visited my YouTube videos (ignoring the one removed), you’d see my project progress. The one removed was my level 100-120 Along with all the hate comments like “You’re so weak!” “I’m stronger than you”.etc
For a long-time player like myself, its not all about being the best or strongest.
Having the highest dps (damage per second).
Soloing boss in xx minutes/seconds – I appreciate your hard work (or hacking abilities), but do avoid bragging/showing too much.

It’s really just about having fun. Enjoying the game. Being different, unique.

Unfortunately, this addiction has it’s downside.
I remember reading someone else’s confession on basilmarket.com, their scenario wasn’t as bad as my own. I believe he talked about how his addiction grew upon him. Losing girlfriend (very common btw) from being extremely talkative to being anti-social, went out less & less to eventually never going out and so much more.
He concluded that he was trying harder than normal to fight the strong addiction of his, and started going out again. Honestly, these stories are quite inspirational.

Here’s my story. You may get some snack or drink while you’re at it. And if you’re not interested, feel free to wander off to > Google something.

*ahem* *stretches fingers*
My cousin actually introduced me to this game, I remember him wearing that black beta hat. Damn, I wanted that hat!
Despite his awesome IGN (UrMomIsHere), he was pretty “pro”. Especially at jump quests. Geez, I hated those. I would never “jump” on time. I remember asking him to do them for me when I was at his house or he’d come to mine for family events. Can’t say that it’s his fault that I’m an addict, that’s my own fault for choosing this particular game.
However, unlike the basil user, I’m opposite of him. I’m shy. I’m anti-social from the start, I hardly ever go out (only when I have to).
Although the friends I’ve made are unforgettable, but so is my addiction.
I’m lucky to not play 24/7 but 16/7, rest of the hours is sleeping.
I’m proud to say that I don’t spend $500+ on Nexon Cards per day/week, but only a total of $64. Canadian cards are expensive I tell you, $32 for 20k.
I never really did well in school. I attended classes, never skipped (my parents would find out), but as soon as I got home from school, skimmed through homework, half reading instructions rushing to play Maple.
High School. Played instead of studying for exams.
Missed an exam because I stayed up till 5 am playing Maple. I remember my mom waking me up saying I have an exam. Dashed to the classroom to write it. Not even noticing classmates beside me to realize it’s the wrong exam and different teacher too! F**k!
Went to the subject department, and begged so bad, wanting to cry, a single tear forced its way through (Literally). Had another chance, but I barely passed it. Attempted studying failed, studied for 5 minutes to be side-tracked to do you-know-what. (That’s what she said)

This is the current Global MapleStory. (When I last visited the site)
Global MapleStory
Warriors get revamped, Dark Knight’s get the most advantage.

After a long while, I have finally been able to “break off” the addiction. I still hop on once in a while to chat to friends, but that’s all.

It’s way better than being addicted to drugs/alcohol/gambling. I honestly don’t know what would happen if I were. I grew up watching a lot of reality Chinese reality TV shows (FairChild Tv, TVB), you could say I’ve seen various scenarios of the 3 enough to not go & try any of em. Although most end in “happy endings” because we’re good people & always have good faith & positive thinking, I’m sure there are tons of people struggling.

I will say that I’ve been to the casino once in my life. It was the main part of the tour destination. You won’t believe what I have learned from this one-time trip.