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Well, it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve done a blog & since it’s November & WordPress is trying to motivate us to blog more often, I can at least try, right?

If you’ve read my previous blog about video game (MapleStory) addiction, you would’ve known this will be my next topic. (You can quickly skim through it if you like).

Firstly, I’ll state what I noticed within my one & only visit to Casino Rama.

  1. There is no way to tell “time” inside the Casino (no clocks).
  2. You may notice they try to minimize as much “sunlight” as possible.
  3. Gamblers inside never seem “tired”

There is no way to tell “time” inside the Casino (no clocks).
What does this mean? Well, I shouldn’t need to explain this really. There is no clocks inside to tell “time” (Duh). Not many of the casino dealers will be wearing a watch. Especially for Black Jack / Poker, to avoid “cheating”. Why do you think they show their hands before serving / dealing cards?
You should wear your own watch or use your cellphone. (And hope that they don’t take them away).
Time is money.

You may notice they try to minimize as much “sunlight” as possible.
This is very much related to the point above. Sunlight tells players whether it’s morning or night & that’s not what they want their players to know.
The one I went to had doors in all 4 directions (north, east, south, west). North & South were the doors leading outside, so that would show some light. However, it was blocked by slot machines, so you would have to literally stand by the doors to know. Oh, did I mention there’s also NO WINDOWS inside the casino? That’s right my friend. Not even mirrors!
I also noticed the commercial area of the casino had tinted black paper that “reflects” the sunlight back outside. Damn, even the TV was in place where no one would notice!

Gamblers inside never seem “tired”
Ever wonder how people can play for countless hours & never get stressed or tired?
Man, they don’t even yawn! DEDICATED PLAYERS! Wait, that’s a bad thing for us.
I believe they pump more oxygen into the air. Or maybe nitrogen or maybe hydrogen? Ah, I dunno, it’s one or of them, or could be all. Betcha didn’t know you breathe it once you open the door(s) into the main casino room where everyone’s playing!

Well, that’s everything I can remember from that one trip to Casino Rama, I learned more than I thought I would to be honest.

Whether it’ll be your first visit to Casino Rama, the tourist visiting that area or one of the frequent gamblers, I would like you to keep these 3 things in mind when you get into Casino Rama :

  1. There is no way to tell “time” inside the Casino (no clocks).
  2. Notice they try to minimize as much “sunlight” as possible.
  3. Gambler(s) inside never seem tired

I have only “gambled” twice inside the Casino & I won $60 on the first try!
Coincidence? Nope, this is what Casino’s do (probably to certain age group), they let you win the first time to see if you get “hooked”.
I told my dad “I won $60 from the slot machine, I’m done.”

I wasn’t gonna play a second time until my dad asked me to try again to “test your luck”.
I ended up losing $20! Geez dad -_-.

I walked around the casino, observing other players, some super obsessed, borrowing money from other people, from banks. I can’t imagine how much they will owe them with those deadly interest rates if they don’t “return” the money in time.