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I stumbled upon BoA’s Full Comeback video on YouTube in Korean, first thing I thought was :
(wish I understood what they’re saying)
That’s right, went to straight to Google! Found the video split into 2 from Daily Motion.

BoA’s Comeback (English Subs) Part 1
BoA’s Comeback (English Subs) Part 2

In addition to the comeback video above, it was near the end that caught my interest where she showcased Only One. Without a doubt, you would’ve known that choreography was pretty crazy even before seeing her practicing.

Listening to some of BoA’s old songs certainly brought back memories. I remember the first time I heard her songs in early 2000’s. It was the first time I’ve ever heard K-Pop and then J-Pop as she did Japanese versions of her songs.
And let’s not forget her compilation of English Version Only songs, which by the way, made her SO MUCH SEXIER & HOTTER.

Without realizing it, BoA has opened the door to Korean & Japanese pop music for me, but it’s not just me, BoA probably opened the door for everyone internationally around the world during that same year.

It wasn’t a surprise to me when different BoA songs were used as various anime intro & ending sub-themes.

BoA’s Only One (Drama Version)

As her name implies, Best of Asia & Beat of Angel, we will never get enough of her ever-growing growth & maturity. Truth to be told, BoA was my first celebrity crush & there’s nothing embarrassing about it.

Only One is just the tip of the iceberg that BoA has yet to offer & I’m positive I’m not the only one who’s been excited to see what BoA has to offer.

I found 2 English Version covers on YouTube that other fans have made. The first one was exceptionally well done as even I thought it was BoA herself that sang it, their voice similarities was just crazy.

Girl version (by Yabisi) :
Visit Yabisi’s YouTube Channel

Guy Version (by Jason Chen) :
Visit Jason Chen’s YouTube Channel