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I recently heard this new song from AfterSchool, with a new leader brings a new sound & image for these beautiful ladies. Dark & sexy seems to be working for their powerful comeback (as allkpop.com mentions). I honestly can’t tell if I like them 100%, but, we’ll see as time goes on. In my honest opinion, they will never be the same without Kahi & Bekah, the best leader & rappers are gone.

2 Years ago on New Years, I was introduced to AfterSchool while chatting with a friend giving me links to various Kpop music videos. Out of the few, AfterSchool – Love Love Love caught my attention & I was in love, love, love with Kahi & Uee.

During that time, many AfterSchool fans were talking about how much they love “Because of You“, so I decided to check it out. These are the fancam’s of some of the members of the song :

AfterSchool – Because of You (Kahi Angle)
AfterSchool – Because of You (Uee Angle)
AfterSchool – Because of You (Jung-Ah Angle)

Out of the 3, I personally liked Kahi’s the best. Bias? Maybe, I just love watching her facial expressions throughout her whole performance. But that’s not all, the way she dances compared to all the other members is just completely different.
I could literally watch that specific “Kahi Angle” video all day & not be bored watching Kahi dance.

I may like Uee more than Bekah, however, Bekah is the second member in AfterSchool with best performances overall. It’s quite unfortunate though, I couldn’t find many Bekah videos on YouTube, maybe they were taken down. I wasn’t a Bekah fan at first but, her performances won me over. She’s not cute like Uee or that stunningly beautiful like Kahi, however, she IS beautiful in her own way. Maybe it’s the way she kept her hair that made her have a different look, I have no idea though.

For example, I would say Bekah looks good like this :
AfterSchool's Because of You

And looking okay here :
AfterSchool's Because of You

All in all, I believe the leader of any group is very important & Kahi had her era as part of AfterSchool with her close friend Bekah. I’m proud I got to witness it all before they both left.

To Kahi, Bekah & present AfterSchool, best wishes of luck & keep fighting!