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I’ve only recently fell in love with these 9 beautiful ladies with their latest Japanese release All My Love Is For You.

Unlike AfterSchool’s Flashback Comeback that used dark & sexy to promote their debut, Girls Generation used various bright & colorful fashion outfits in their latest “I Got A Boy” video.

This what I call an actual comeback. Even MTV is talking about this South Korean girl group, you KNOW it’s pretty damn good. Don’t believe me? Click Meh

Wait, what is that I’m hearing? IS THAT RAP I HEAR!? (It sounds even better than their last Korean debut “The Boyz”)
Sorry, it’s just me. I have a thing for Korean (female) rappers.

Anyway, it’s ironic that there were many people who didn’t like the song, but seem to be addicted to the song. Okay, I’ll admit it, I was one of them. It’s not a song that I would repeatedly replay over and over, but it would definitely be on the playlist.

I have to admit though, I saw a bit of BoA’s Only One choreography in their recent dance routine, which is interesting because Girls Generation were (and are at heart) BoA fans, both under the same music label.

Girls Generation certainly brought something unexpected into 2013, and this is just the beginning.