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I planned on using a spoiler alert, but then I remembered that there is no more Bleach anime, so, they will be forced to follow manga. Although anime version have many differences and ‘fillers’ that lead up to the main events, it is the main events itself that’s most important, but anyways.

We now find out Ichigo is a Shiniquincy. What’s a Shiniquincy? Well, a Shinigami and Quincy. We learn that Ichigo’s source of Quincy power came from pre-1000 year Juha Bach and he was able to suppress Ichigo’s shinigami powers by probably from the looks of it; seems to be 85% more of less of his powers. This alone, tells you how strong Juha Bach really is

If you think Ichigo will lose his Quincy powers, you may be wrong. Remember, it was stated by Ishda’s father that Ichigo’s mother; Masaki is a pure Quincy. How important is being pure blood Quincy beneficial? Why is it that important to protect pure blood Quincy’s? Why must Ryuken (Uryu’s father) protect Masaki? I suppose Ryuken sent Uryu to protect Ichigo the same way. But anyways.

Now that Ichigo is at 100% full strength with the hollow inside him turned and forged into parts of his broken zanpakuto; Ichigo is now a Duel Wielder.
Likewise, if you’ve watched or read Sword Art Online, you would know Kirito was super OP (overpowered) as Duel Wielder

Say Hello to super duper charged Ichigo that’s gonna be really REALLY op.

I’m glad to say that I thought it was strange that Kenpachi Zaraki; a battle lover, named an unknown little girl he found as Yachiru. It’s been identified that this Yachiru; is none other than Yachiru Unohana. The first kenpachi. It was also revealed that Unohana loved Zaraki the moment she battled him when they first met; and he was the only man that would satisfy her.
In their battle to the death between them, it is revealed that Zaraki hid an enormous part of his powers and Unohana; for the sake of recovering all of his hidden powers, studied and master healing during battle. If you think about it, she could have killed and owned many Espadas sent by Aizen, but nooooooo, her main job was just plan healing, just great.
With the fight ending in Zaraki depressed & angry that Unohana is dead, I’m very eager to see how high he was able to climb…and still wonder if he’ll continue to use one-hand to battle, or will he use 2h as he did with Nnoitra the last minute? This seems to be his last resort. However, after this experience, who knows what he’ll become.

We have yet to see how super OP Byakuya will become, as he is very strict and disciplines himself over the max. I felt really bad that his Bankai was ‘stolen’, but then that was bound to happen as he is one of the 4 strongest. Now that he’s been fully recovered, let’s see how his training will progress.

I love the fact that Kisuke Urahara is probably the best reseacher and at the same time, still a very mysterious person overall. We learn from bleach movies that his Zangpato; Benihime, can do all sorts of skills. One that even puts people to sleep (“Cry” I believe).

And one more thing, we STILL don’t know what little Yachiru is capable of to this time. It was only revealed in the anime, but never in the manga. Whatever Tite Kubo has in store for this really strong, fast, easy-going little girl, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a very good one.

I also love the fact that all of Zaraki’s group have “something” to hide or maybe a better way to say, has many hidden abilities that are just waiting to arise. Ikakku is the luck person so to say, having broken bones and it’s like they’re not even broken at all. With his god-like dragon polearm.