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Continuing off from my last post, if you’d like to learn more about Kisuke Urahara, watch episodes
204 – 214. This also shows the past history of the Goten 13, when many current members were young (Hisagi, Byakuya, Soi Fong amongst others) and how the vizards were created by Aizen. All that to frame Kisuke Urahara due to his reseacrh and for his power of the Hougyoku.
In episode 212, we can already see some of Aizen’s true power, using a high level spell without incantation AND he did it walking away with his back turned…that’s creepy. However, I find it interesting that there are “forbidden spells”, there’s probably others we aren’t aware of.

I wasn’t surprised when we found out Urahara created a new spell that would seal Aizen at his weakest point. But you have to wonder what is the Spirit King? Does this mean there are other “Kings” that once ruled?

This brings us to the most recent manga release of Bleach, Manga 546 – The Last 9 Days. Kaiser Gesang – The King of Quincy that ruled the world in 9 days.
Does this mean there’s a king of shinigami we don’t know about too?

The first thing I thought about when seeing Ichigo’s friends (Keigo, Tatsuki & Mizuiro) were “Is it possible that they have hidden powers?
In the anime, all of them helped Kisuke Urahara with building the 4 towers to fight off the minor hollows Aizen dispatched. And then having them put to sleep with Benihime’s sing.

Keep in mind that it was Ichigo’s spiritual powers affected and made all of them stronger. Even Chad and Inoue. However, I can not stress how important Inoue really is. She’s the closest to Ichigo and have the strongest bond. It was why Aizen chose her one of many undiscovered abilities.

I have a few curiosities, what did Mayuri discover in Szayelaporro Granz’s laboratory? The Espada scientist?
Why is Zero Squad’s HQ called “Soul King Palace”?
How brutal will training be with the last squad member; Ichibei?

Oh, another “Ichi” name…I feel a hint at someone dangerously strong.