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Happy New Year! It’s the second week of 2015 already!
New beginnings, new friends, more love & working harder than ever!

I’m not a super hard fan of Girls Generation; but they’ve been around since my high school days & I’m a guy & it’s basically a dream come true seeing a girl group of not 2, not 4 but NINE young beautiful ladies with amazing talents.
Best of all, these girls are around my age group; I can proudly love them all in a non pedo way! *fangirl scream*

According to Wikipedia, Jessica was the first member to join the girl group; following Sooyoung & Hyoyeon; all 3 in the year of 2000. Yuri in 2001, Yoona in 2002, Seohyun in 2003, Taeyeon & Tiffany in 2004. Surprisingly; Sunny is the niece of the founder of SME; joining in 2007.

Jessica announced globally on weibo:
I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I'm no longer a member. I'm devastated - my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I'm being forced out.

She’s first member to join & also the first member forced out.

There were lots of speculation that SME initially made the rest of the 8 girls do a vote whether Jessica would stay or not. Their record label did a smart move by using their friendship bonds to send Jessica off. After all; SME has the power to make & break them. And here; they break off Jessica; rather than jeopardizing the whole group. Ultimately; this has already broke the group apart internally.

Why would I say it’s the end of SNSD?

  1. None of the group were really smiling; this was their first live performance without Jessica
  2. No one was able to cover Jessica vocal parts & it was muted later on.
  3. Members either cried or tried to hide their tears when the fans yelled Jessica’s name.

Although I do agree with YouTube comments; the audience didn’t necessarily have to shout Jessica’s name.
Girls Generation didn’t just lose friend; they lost a family member. They struggle as a group together. The reality is; Jessica’s gone and no one can replace her uniqueness.

I hope everyone that yelled Jessica’s name and made Seohyun; the youngest member cry; I hope you all think about your actions next time.

With Jessica’s new fashion line, she won’t be re-joining the group.

You can tell how hard SME pushes the group because her personality is totally different. However; she hasn’t given up in the music/entertainment industry; she probably needed a break away from it.

GG to GG; Good Going to Girls Generation. It was awesome while it lasted. And once 9 turn into 8; it’s like a puzzle that’s missing the most important piece; the beginning piece. That was what Jessica was.

Here’s something I found on YouTube about SME:

SM Entertainment has a history of public disputes with their artists. Kris, a member of boy band EXO, in May filed a lawsuit against the agency to nullify his contract. In 2009 three of the five members of boy band TVXQ quit the group and sued the company for what they said was unfair terms of their contract. The three singers and the agency in 2012 dropped all legal filings following a court injunction.

Now that SME has ruined SNSD’s bond with Jessica & the group will most likely start to fade; they have decided to form a new girl group; Red Velvet. Do you think it’s a coincidence this group was made 2-3 months ago?

Obviously not.

I hope with the remaining 8 members; they will do well without Jessica.
It’s a new year afterall, a new beginning for the new SNSD.